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Are you an environmentally conscious forward thinker ready to change the game?

Whether you’re experienced, fresh in your career, or looking for an internship, we offer more than just an office chair and desk. You can play an important part in advancing the circular economy!

We engineer circular economy for a more sustainable future – and EPR is in our DNA. Landbell Group’s companies began operating when chemical and environmental legislation was first introduced — so we’ve been there from the start.

If you’re like us — environmentally conscious, forward-thinking and service-oriented — then apply to work with us now!

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Want to meet your future colleagues and hear what they say about their job at first hand?

Doreen Prick

Here’s a short video with our HR specialist Doreen, giving you insight into life as an apprentice at Landbell Group.

Martin Tobin

Here’s a short video with our Country General Manager for Ireland, Martin. Martin talks about the culture programme at Landbell Group.