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Unlimited access to information on your core producer requirements resulting from EPR-type legislation.

Europe’s Extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulatory approach is being taken up across the globe. This makes producers, like yourself, responsible for the end-of-life management of their products.

However, the scope of EPR and related requirements differ from country to country. This means you have to stay on top of many regulatory requirements, all in a variety of languages.

Simply translating the laws is not enough to understand the obligations. You require experienced analysis to really understand what they mean and to plan the right compliance actions.

We have vast EPR experience. We operate more producer compliance schemes than any other company globally, and our multi-lingual international team is ready to help you.

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The Knowledge Database (KDB)

The Landbell Group Knowledge Database is a web-based regulatory information service.

With a license to the KDB, you can access information on core producer requirements resulting from EPR-type legislation in just a few clicks.

What’s more, the KDB can be adjusted by region and waste stream depending on your needs. You can even compare EPR obligations of different countries around the world. And with the KDB’ recent updates service, you’ll stay on track with the latest legislation and be alerted whenever something changes.

Check it out here:

At-a-Glance Report

The At-a-Glance report provides a quick overview of the essential legal obligations you must comply with in a specific country for WEEE, batteries or packaging.

The report presents the information in an easy-to-understand Q&A format by answering core producer questions.

The first part of the report covers the existing requirements and relevant definitions. The second part lists the regulatory requirements at each stage of the product life cycle, including design, information to users, specifics for different sales models, and take-back obligations.

In-Depth Report

The all-embracing In-Depth report provides information on the obligations resulting from the existing EPR legislation for WEEE, batteries, or packaging in a specific country.

It includes the At-a-Glance report as an introduction, with an executive summary covering key findings and takeaways.

The report also includes detailed explanations, ranging from the general description of the market to the current legal framework, the essential compliance requirements (e.g., design, information, take-back), and available compliance options.

The Plastic Tax Report

The emerging plastic tax legislation, in addition to the extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations, brings more compliance obligations.

We offer the plastic tax report to facilitate the understanding of the new regulations. The report will guide you through the new legal requirements which arise from the plastic tax legislation (e.g., registration, reporting, payment procedure, required certifications, information obligation, etc.) in a simple and clear manner.

Currently, the reports are available for Italy, Spain and the UK.

The Packaging Marking Report

The packaging marking report explains the variety of mandatory and voluntary packaging markings (i.e., material, sorting, and deposit markings) to be applied in the EU and EFTA countries. Its table format is clear and user-friendly.

The report not only describes the details of how and where the marking must be applied, but it also contains the actual examples of the markings.

The Customised Report

Depending on your individual needs, we also offer Customized reports. Unlike the ready-made At-a-Glance and In-Depth reports, the Customized report is adapted and fitted to your specific needs.

For example, it can focus on specific requirements like registration, reporting, design, and/or consumer information. Or it can provide a comparative list of EPR obligations in selected countries.

Also, on request, our team of experienced experts will be more than happy to do the additional research into the countries and requirements that you need.