What we offer

At Landbell Group, we work locally to improve recycling.

We then use this local knowledge to build international solutions. Why? Because markets and companies think internationally, and EPR is now a global cause.

EPR is also heavy on administrative processes, which is why we use IT to strip away complexity and cost and provide you with streamlined, effective solutions.

Our capabilities

Our straightforward solutions for environmental and chemical compliance simplify your complex processes and tasks. One less thing to think about means you can concentrate on your core business and achieving your full potential.

The linear path of production, consumption and waste is unsustainable. It’s outdated. Finished. But you already know this.

It’s why many companies believe that EPR is vital to developing the circular economy.

In fact, the European Union has made it a key part of its Circular Economy Action Plan. Over the next seven years, the EU will introduce around 30 new circular economy regulations for producers.

We’re proud to say we’ve championed extended producer responsibility (EPR) since the beginning — and we’re now actively involved in its global expansion.

Our capabilities in action

What’s going on in the world of EPR right now? Can you get the support you need to keep up with the ever-changing landscape? We wanted to highlight some of the ways we can help.

In February, we announced with CARBIOS that we are joining forces to increase the circularity of PET waste at a first biorecycling plant!

Together, we will develop and implement solutions for the sorting, preparation, and enzymatic recycling of PET waste.

Uwe Echteler, COO of Landbell Group, said:

“PET trays are extensively used in food packaging due to their excellent barrier properties, transparency, and strength.

However, PET trays, especially with a multi-layered structure, currently pose a challenge for mechanical recycling.

The innovative depolymerization process developed by CARBIOS facilitates the recycling of PET waste into high-quality recycled PET.

Landbell Group and CARBIOS together will enable closed-loop recycling of problematic PET waste to allow its customers – packaging manufacturers and brands – to use recycled content in food packaging and meet their sustainability targets.”

This collaboration demonstrates Landbell Group’s commitment towards building closed-loop solutions for plastic waste through innovative recycling technologies.

Since 1 January 2023, manufacturers and online retailers not based in Austria need to appoint an authorised representative if they sell B2B and B2C products in Austria.

We’ve got you covered!

We’re happy to announce that Click & Comply is now available in Austria.

On the website, customers can find various service packages to fulfill their legal obligations for EEE, packaging, batteries and single-use plastics in Austria.

Check out the details in COMPASS.