What we offer

At Landbell Group, we work locally to improve recycling.

We then use this local knowledge to build international solutions. Why? Because markets and companies think internationally, and EPR is now a global cause.

EPR is also heavy on administrative processes, which is why we use IT to strip away complexity and cost and provide you with streamlined, effective solutions.

Our capabilities

Our straightforward solutions for environmental and chemical compliance simplify your complex processes and tasks. One less thing to think about means you can concentrate on your core business and achieving your full potential.

The linear path of production, consumption and waste is unsustainable. It’s outdated. Finished. But you already know this.

It’s why many companies believe that EPR is vital to developing the circular economy.

In fact, the European Union has made it a key part of its Circular Economy Action Plan. Over the next seven years, the EU will introduce around 30 new circular economy regulations for producers.

We’re proud to say we’ve championed extended producer responsibility (EPR) since the beginning — and we’re now actively involved in its global expansion.

Our capabilities in action

What’s going on in the world of EPR right now? Can you get the support you need to keep up with the ever-changing landscape? We wanted to highlight some of the ways we can help.

We close loops – also for plastic food packaging!

Together with one of the world’s leading chemical companies, Landbell Group has developed a groundbreaking solution to close the loop for plastic packaging.

Especially in the field of food packaging, plastics are often still the preferred material due to their versatile properties.

In the case of complex plastic packaging, however, mechanical recycling in its current form reaches its limits and results in predominantly inferior secondary material.

Low demand for this material, together with limited application possibilities to reduce the cycle for plastic packaging through mechanical recycling often cannot be closed.

Therefore, closing the loop for plastic packaging is more than the core objective for a truly circular economy.

Chemical recycling can be a solution for hard-to-recycle plastic packaging to close the loop.

Landbell Group’s LinkedIn account has a new feature called Curated by…  where our experts talk about how they are helping you where you are based or operate.

In this short video, we give the floor to Jürgen Fuchs who talks about the latest changes for marketplaces and their sellers in Germany and Austria.

Some important deadlines have just passed or are coming up, so Jürgen explains how we can help your online business to meet the growing number of obligations that you face.