Landbell Group simplifies the compliance process, making it more accessible online for as many companies as possible all over the world.

Are you a distributor or online retailer? Our EASyShop offers you a simple solution for fulfilling your obligations under German and Austrian packaging laws. It’s fast, straightforward and — above all — affordable.

For an annual fee from €75 + VAT, you can license retail packaging volumes made of:

  • Paper/paperboard/cardboard
  • Glass
  • Ferrous metals
  • Aluminium
  • Plastics
  • Other composite packaging and materials

We’ll ensure your compliance and legal security for at least two years.

From the third year, you’ll receive a €25 loyalty bonus. And the best part? We promise there’ll be no further fees for you to pay.

EASyShop provides three clear benefits for smaller or online companies: easy registration, easy payment and easy reporting.

Sound good?

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Launched in 2008, EASyShop was the first online web-shop for packaging compliance, and it is still the easiest and most convenient solution for fulfilling your packaging obligations.

Packaging licensing

The German Packaging Act obliges all manufacturers and retailers placing packaging on the German market to apply for a licence through a packaging scheme. It encompasses all packaging materials and has no minimum threshold.

Also, every initial distributor must register with the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) and license the packaging placed on the German market via a compliance scheme. Failure to comply with legal duties in this regard is punishable by a fine and even prohibition of distribution/sale — so watch out!

EASyShop is our simple online solution that makes sure you’re fully compliant when it comes to sales packaging in Germany and Austria. You can fulfil all your statutory obligations via the EASyShop in just a few clicks.

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EASyShop is guaranteed to make your life easier when it comes to compliance, so what are you waiting for?