Circul8 – Software for Circular Economy Efficiency

Quick, safe, efficient, and transparent management of environmental operations and compliance — Circul8 is everything you could ask for, and more.

Circul8 is a cloud-based software suite for the circular economy. Transforming complexity into simplicity, Circul8 is the industry-proven software solution encompassing multiple regulations, operational workflows, and material streams. Circul8 supports a wider range of stakeholders in the circular economy than any other product.

Circul8 is the backbone for each step in circular
economy business models, including:

  • Managing extended producer
    responsibility (EPR) data

    by assessing producers’ and importers’ environmental obligations and safely completing the resulting reporting activities on an international scale.
  • Running producer responsibility
    organizations (PROs)

    by fulfilling collection targets based on put-on-market (PoM) reporting.
  • Operating takeback and return networks
    by transparently capturing all transactions within collection networks (logistics and recycling suppliers).

Landbell Group helps customers in more than 60 countries to fulfil their EPR obligations and to achieve their sustainability goals. Circul8 supports the activities of all Landbell Group customers, PROs and takeback partners.


Circul8 covers all essential aspects that allow you to meet world-class circular economy standards:

  • Circul8 for EPR Data Management
    Safely have your product and sales transaction data assessed regarding the resulting regulatory and reporting obligations. Optimize product design and return by applying different scenarios. Rely on guided and automated reporting processes to PROs.
  • Circul8 for Producer Management
    Receive PoM data in the most convenient way. Organize fulfilment of collection targets, transparently allocate volumes and complete reporting to central authorities.
  • Circul8 for Transaction Management
    Manage every step in the takeback process, from pick-up order placement through to the final recycling of resources, and feed back into manufacturing processes.
  • Landbell Group Knowledge Management
    Keep up to date with extended producer responsibility regulations and fulfilment options. Landbell Group Knowledge Management is interlocked with all Circul8 components – no more uncertainty, no more missed deadlines.

Helping you keep track of your
ever-changing obligations

Successfully managing circular economy challenges requires a holistic approach, which integrates many stakeholders in resources or materials management. Their cooperation capacities heavily depend on information and data exchange.

Circul8, the home of circular
economy efficiency

Why should you trust us? Here are just a few reasons:

  • We transferred decades of circular economy experience into a Software-as-a-Service platform that can be customised to new scenarios quickly and easily.
  • We automate EPR reporting for all material streams, providing full transparency on all relevant parameters.
  • We develop software to the highest standards in data security, with full protection of confidential and commercially sensitive data.
  • We help PROs to efficiently manage and balance producer obligations.
  • We facilitate efficient takeback logistics, integrating each process step from pick-up order via fulfilment and supplier management to recycling.

Team of experts

Our software systems facilitate more efficient and coordinated operations by systematically gathering, processing, and leveraging data. This complex challenge is comprehensively managed by Landbell Group’s iTeam, which combines technical knowledge with operational expertise in one dedicated team. iTeam hubs are in Lisbon, Munich and Mainz. Landbell Group subsidiary Landbell Software, S.A. is an integrated part of the iTeam.