Circular Economy Solutions

Climate change, air pollution, scarcity of resources – these are all the consequences of a linear economy.

The circular economy is the only option for efficiently reusing recyclable materials and conserving resources. For over 15 years, Landbell Group has worked on innovative solutions to recycle packaging and keep it in the loop.

We support our customers with holistic circular solutions: from eco-design through to the provision of high-quality secondary materials.

The focus is always on the customer’s individual needs because all-inclusive sustainable solutions are rare in the circular economy.

As an independent specialist with a large international partner network, we want to understand your situation better – and work with you to find the right solution together.

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We can help make your packaging more sustainable – and give you access to high-quality secondary raw materials and the most cutting-edge recycling solutions.

Plastic recycling: the biggest challenge

We can close the loop when materials can be recycled with consistent quality. Glass and paper, for example, can be reused to make packaging or products again.

But plastics recycling continues to pose a major challenge – and global plastic production is still on the rise.

So, how do we manage to keep plastic packaging in circulation?

Currently, two recycling technologies are used:

  • Mechanical recycling is the shortest and most eco-friendly for simply designed packaging and monomaterials.
  • Advanced recycling through pyrolysis is a complementary technology that can close the loop for complex packaging and mixed plastic waste.

What’s the best solution for your products, packaging, and the environment?

Mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling is the most widely used recycling technology. It can be comparatively energy-efficient with low CO2 emissions.

However, mechanical recycling currently reaches its limits with complex packaging.

From improving packaging design and waste separation at households, through to enhancing sorting technology, Landbell Group is constantly working to improve mechanical recycling.

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Advanced recycling (pyrolysis)

Advanced recycling through pyrolysis offers a solution to close the loop for complex packaging and is therefore becoming increasingly important as a complementary technology.

Together with one of the most innovative chemical companies, and a renowned brand, Landbell Group has succeeded in closing the loop for complex plastic packaging.

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Secondary raw materials

Our planet’s resources are finite. Only increased use of secondary raw materials can stop the linear economy and conserve available resources.

Thanks to its international dimension, and unique partner network, Landbell Group can help you source high-quality secondary raw materials for your packaging and products.

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More sustainable design is crucial to improving your packaging’s recyclability, which means it can be reused as a high-quality secondary raw material, conserving valuable resources.

Landbell Group’s online tool PACK2RECYCLE helps customers to enhance the recyclability of their packaging – and includes a free initial assessment.

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