In February, we announced with CARBIOS that we are joining forces to increase the circularity of PET waste at a first biorecycling plant!

Together, we will develop and implement solutions for the sorting, preparation, and enzymatic recycling of PET waste.

Uwe Echteler, COO of Landbell Group, said:

“PET trays are extensively used in food packaging due to their excellent barrier properties, transparency, and strength.

However, PET trays, especially with a multi-layered structure, currently pose a challenge for mechanical recycling.

The innovative depolymerization process developed by CARBIOS facilitates the recycling of PET waste into high-quality recycled PET.

Landbell Group and CARBIOS together will enable closed-loop recycling of problematic PET waste to allow its customers – packaging manufacturers and brands – to use recycled content in food packaging and meet their sustainability targets.”

This collaboration demonstrates Landbell Group’s commitment towards building closed-loop solutions for plastic waste through innovative recycling technologies.