Online store now available in Austria

7 February 2024

The Click & Comply online store was launched in June 2023 to offer customers a quick and easy solution for buying compliance products for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and batteries in Germany.

From January 2024, Click & Comply is now available in Austria. On the website, customers can find various service packages to fulfill their legal obligations for EEE, packaging, batteries and single-use plastics in Austria.

Since 1 January2023, manufacturers and online retailers not based in Austria need to appoint an authorised representative if they sell B2B and B2C products in Austria.

The Click & Comply Shop offers a simple, fast online service for appointing an  authorised representative. It also has products to support inspections by the Austrian packaging coordination office (VKS) and to determine packaging quantities.

Click & Comply will continue to expand to offer more online products. COMPASS will keep you updated on the developments.