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Regulatory Tracking

Landbell Group continuously invests in its regulatory tracking service for WEEE, batteries and packaging.

The following regions are covered with the global regulatory tracking service: Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as North America.

Existing, as well as upcoming EPR-type legislation for EEE, batteries and packaging, is analyzed for the obligations surrounding product design, consumer information, take-back, as well as related registration and reporting.

This enables us to support manufacturers and distributors on their journey, from understanding the growing complexity of EPR obligations to managing the required operational compliance solutions via our numerous PROs and voluntary take-back solutions for WEEE, batteries, and packaging.

This makes us a strong and knowledgeable partner both locally and globally.

Detailed reports for the
information you need

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from different tracking products that help you review national EPR obligations for WEEE, batteries, and packaging across the world. You can choose whether to get:

  • A quick overview: short country reports summarizing existing national EPR.
  • All of the details: in-depth analyses of the obligations either as a country report or via our Landbell Group Knowledge Database.
  • A list of legal acts applicable in the field of EPR in a country.

Reports can be ordered as one-time reports or subscriptions with regular updates, while a license to our Landbell Group Knowledge Database provides access to the latest information at any point in time.

All products enable you to conclude the required compliance actions.

Need support that goes beyond our regulatory tracking service? We offer assessments of applicable obligations for specific product portfolios or sales models.

Our Regulatory Tracking Services help manufacturers and distributors manage the growing complexity of global EPR obligations.

Stripping away the complexity
of EPR obligations

Landbell Group helps customers in more than 55 countries to fulfil their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations and achieve their sustainability goals.

Why should you trust us? Here are a just a few reasons:

  • We free up customer resources and time — no more need for internal research
  • We enable manufacturers and distributors to understand their obligations
  • We show customers exactly what they need to consider in which country
  • We offer legal registers and reports that compare legal requirements in different countries

Team of experts

Analytical competence, operational know-how and a network of compliance experts — we offer comprehensive and practical tools that continuously capture and provide information on the latest developments and requirements globally.

Today, our team of experts:

  • Speaks multiple languages, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian – typically as a native language.
  • Understands varied cultural backgrounds having grown up on the different continents across the globe.
  • Has different complementary backgrounds such as legal, engineering, and environmental science.
  • Is in regular and close contact with authorities to stay informed of upcoming and latest changes.
  • Understands producer needs having worked at environmental departments of international brands.
  • Adjusts the tracking scope and content regularly based on producer needs and on the feedback from our colleagues.
  • Has access to the operational experience of Landbell Group colleagues in the field.
  • Understands local challenges from engaging in waste management-related projects in low- and middle-income countries globally.

In addition to all of this, we maintain a vast international network of compliance experts who support us in the research of global EPR requirements.

Our customers value our regulatory knowledge, scientific acumen, and operational experience which is built on Landbell Group’s status as a leading provider of global EPR solutions.

As a global producer responsibility organization, Landbell Group carries out EPR operations in many countries every single day.