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Circular Economy Solutions

Landbell Group is an environmental and waste management specialist. For over 15 years, we have worked on innovative solutions to recycle packaging and keep it in the loop.

Together with our partners, we share a common goal of wanting to create a truly circular solution that rejects low quality recycling or incineration.

We help our customers to close the loop – even for the most complex packaging.

Unique expertise and partnerships
create unique solutions

Whether you want to make your packaging more sustainable, find out about the latest recycling solutions, or source high-quality secondary raw materials – turn to us for support.

Our path to a circular economy

Landbell Group is the perfect partner to help you find circular solutions for your products and packaging.

  • We have a global network of 350+ recycling partners
  • We operate locally to establish the best environmental standards in our recycling and recovery operations
  • We’ve already treated over 10 million tonnes of valuable materials, including 6.5 million tonnes of packaging
  • We partner with the world’s most innovative specialists and leading brands

Team of recycling experts

Our teams consists of experts based all over the world. They cooperate closely, so that local knowledge is combined for global services.

These teams have over 15 years’ experience managing waste collection and treatment for customers. They comprise multi-lingual experts in:

  • Recycling technology
  • Operations
  • Supply chain
  • Audits
  • Environmental compliance
  • Reporting

We also partner with leading specialists and visionary brands to create truly unique recycling solutions.

If you are a manufacturer who thinks sustainably and wants real circular solutions for your packaging and products, get in touch today.