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Solar Industry Solutions

A reliable partner: now and for the future.

We help more than 39,000 customers to fulfil their extended producer responsibility obligations and overcome market entry barriers.

As the number of PV retirements increases in the coming years, recycling is becoming an important topic of conversation.

We provide solid financial stability for future recycling costs. We also organise bespoke takeback programmes to recover maximum value from reusable components.

On hand: where and when you need us

With our expanding global network and longstanding experience, we’re ready to support customers wherever they need us and with every new challenge.

Join us on the path to a sunnier future

Landbell Group is the perfect partner to help you find circular solutions for your solar products.

  • We have a global network of 350+ recycling partners
  • We operate locally to establish the best environmental standards in our recycling and recovery operations
  • We’ve already treated over 10 million tonnes of valuable materials
  • We invest in research & development for better recycling

Global EPR and recycling experts

Our teams consist of experts based all over the world. They cooperate closely, so that local knowledge is combined for global services.

These teams have over 15 years’ experience managing waste collection and treatment for customers. They comprise multi-lingual experts in:

  • Recycling technology
  • Operations
  • Supply chain
  • Audits
  • Environmental compliance
  • Reporting

If you are a producer, looking for sustainable solutions for your solar products, get in touch today.