ERP Poland provides Eco Help!

In June 2020, Landbell Group company ERP Poland began repairing and donating laptops and computers for distance learning. The equipment is particularly intended for children in schools, special needs schools, and children from large families.

ERP Poland took this initiative because, at this difficult time caused by the pandemic, the company wants to support equal opportunities for children learning at home and prevent technological exclusion.

In addition to the donated equipment, ERP Poland also produced an educational e-lesson called Eko Lekcja ERP (Eco Lesson from ERP) to teach children about reuse and recycling. You can view the lesson and other programmes (in Polish) on ERP Poland’s YouTube channel.

During the lesson, Aleksandra Becmer from ERP Poland and young reporter Zosia talk about waste electronics and batteries, why this waste is both dangerous and valuable and must not be thrown away, and where it can be handed over for recycling. They also explain the importance of re-use.

ERP Poland also used the lesson to promote their Zbieraj z klasą (Collect with Class) competition. This very popular project offers fun lessons and awards for educational establishments that collect e-waste and used batteries. The company is also running a further project called Zbieraj z klasą – WTZ for adults with learning difficulties.

Every Thursday, ERP Poland also contributes to Polish Radio for Children as part of a programme on environmental protection. You can listen to the programmes (in Polish) here.

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