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Global Takeback

As of 2022, we provide even more pick-ups and collect more end-of life (EoL) products, accessories, and packaging from more countries in the world than ever before. We also support more industries, ranging from air conditioning to packaging.

Driving takeback across all industries

At Landbell Group, we offer takeback programmes to different industries all over the world. We make sure WEEE, batteries and other waste streams are collected or picked up, allowing our customers to stay compliant with local legislation and avoid hefty fines.

We also enable them to go even further by building smart sustainable supply chains or achieving closed loop recovery for their products.



Our global takeback services are built upon our local and global expertise – we know how waste from multiple key industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, fashion, furniture or computer/IT must be handled.

Implementing takeback programmes

Landbell Group helps customers in more than 55 countries to fulfil their extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations and achieve their sustainability goals.

Why should you trust us? Here are just a few reasons:

  • We possess an active recycling network of 350+ partners and over 15 years managing international takeback activities for customers.
  • We set up a smooth pick-up process – managed by our PROs on a local level, or by our multi-lingual take-back team on a global level.
  • We offer one single point of contact for our global take-back operations.
  • We offer reverse logistics for end-of-Life (EoL) products, accessories, and packaging.
  • We help organise the treatment of EoL products, accessories, and packaging at qualified recyclers.
  • We make our services traceable and report/monitor all processes.

Team of experts

Our operations are underpinned by an active recycling network of 350+ partners and over 15 years managing international take-back activities for customers.

Today, our global take-back team comprises multi-lingual experts in:

  • Operations
  • Supply chain
  • Customer support
  • Audits
  • Environmental compliance
  • Reporting

We can provide control tower supervision of all global programmes, whilst our local operations provide a strong presence on the ground.