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Environmental Compliance Consulting

In 2023, we further expanded our worldwide services and got more and more companies on board. This strong focus on our clients and our commitment to not only meeting, but exceeding, their expectations is key to who we are.

Multi-waste stream challenges
met by a multi-discipline team

With our detailed knowledge of end-of-life scheme rules, worldwide regulations and reporting categories, we’re adept at managing multi-waste stream obligations in multiple markets for customers.

With our leading expertise and programme management techniques, our team offers environmental compliance services to both small and large businesses.

Simplifying compliance solutions

Landbell Group helps customers in more than 55 countries to fulfil their extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations and achieve their sustainability goals.

Why should you trust us? Here are just a few reasons:

  • We offer you a single point of contact to simplify administrative burdens.
  • We deliver tailored and pragmatic solutions for both small and large customers.
  • We help companies comply with their environmental compliance obligations
  • We advise customers on their take-back requirements and how to implement solutions

Team of experts

It all started in 2006, when our two founders, Kevin Hoban and John Hayes, set up H2 Compliance.

Since 2016, H2 Compliance has been part of Landbell Group.

H2 Compliance is composed of a highly qualified core team of professionals, with offices in Finland, Germany, Ireland, Poland Portugal, the UK, and the USA. It also possesses a vast network of partners and associates in the China, Europe, Korea, Turkey, and the USA.

The mission of H2 Compliance is to deliver tailored and pragmatic consultancy services to meet your chemical and environmental compliance needs.

Today, the Environmental Compliance Consulting team consists of 20 technical experts with a background in:

  • Law
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Business

The team is located across Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and the UK, and provides worldwide support for extended producer responsibility to more than 250 companies.

H2 Compliance works closely together with the local Landbell Group teams, leveraging our joint know-how and network coverage, as well as providing centralised support to our customers.