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Circular Economy
Software – Circul8

Our software systems facilitate more efficient and coordinated operations by systematically gathering, processing and leveraging data.

Circul8 is the combination of software systems into one common basis, including legal, transactional and operational data. It allows for better interaction and information exchange, not only within Landbell Group, but also within the larger circular economy networks that we and our clients are part of.

In 2022, Circul8 supports the activities of Landbell Group’s customers, PROs and take-back partners.

Helping you keep track of your
ever-changing obligations

The circular economy requires a holistic approach, which integrates many stakeholders in resources or materials management. Their cooperation capacities heavily depend on information and data exchange.


Circul8 is a software suite that manages take-back and environmental compliance. It covers all key aspects for enabling a circular economy and managing EPR obligations.
With the help of Circul8, we ensure integrated management of all connected activities, monitor by providing transparent, real-time information, and facilitate efficient logistic operations and end-to-end material flows.

Circul8, the home of circular
economy efficiency

Landbell Group helps customers in more than 55 countries to fulfil their extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations and achieve their sustainability goals.

Why should you trust us? Here are just a few reasons:

  • We develop software to meet the needs of multiple users — pre-existing solutions can be customised for new customers quickly and easily
  • We automate extended producer responsibility reporting for all material streams, providing full transparency of all the relevant parameters
  • We develop software to the highest standards in data security, with full protection of confidential and commercially sensitive data
  • We help producer responsibility organisations to efficiently manage and balance producer obligations
  • We facilitate efficient takeback logistics, integrating each process step from pick-up order via fulfilment and supplier management to recycling

Team of experts

It all started in 1995, when Landbell was established as a packaging scheme in Germany — fighting intensely to break the packaging monopoly there.

In 2015, Landbell Group acquired Prodigentia, our software company based in Portugal. Together, we develop software platforms to support our online compliance, extended producer responsibility and chemical consulting services.

Our software systems aim to facilitate more efficient and coordinated operations by systematically gathering, processing and leveraging data.

The team consists of software developers, project managers, programmers and consultants, and has offices in Lisbon, Munich and Mainz.

Prodigentia works closely together with the local Landbell Group teams, leveraging our joint know-how and network coverage as well as providing centralised support to our customers.