The KDB now features legislation in the region

9 April 2024

In a COMPASS article last month, an announcement was made regarding the inclusion of legislation targeting single-use plastic (SUP) bags, cups, and beverage containers in the Knowledge Database (KDB) for all Canadian provinces.

Expanding the coverage, an additional region has now been incorporated, namely Asia.

This month, legislation on SUP bags, cups and beverage containers has been added for the entire Asia region, comprising 23 countries.

As a result, the KDB now encompasses SUP legislation for Africa, Europe, Canada and Asia.

Recognising the necessity for customers to stay abreast of the legislative status concerning these SUP streams, plans are underway to include additional regions later this year.

For those involved in or planning to engage in business related to SUP bags, cups and/or beverage containers, and aiming for full compliance in these regions, Landbell Group’s regulatory tracking team is more than willing to assist you.

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