To address its global impact, Landbell Group now has an Environmental Policy

4 June 2024

Taking another step on our sustainability journey, Landbell Group published its new policy on 5th June, in celebration of World Environment Day.

This Group policy extends our efforts beyond the environmental services we offer to our customers and lays out our commitment to addressing environmental impacts linked to our business operations and value chain.

Our materiality assessment identified three main environmental impact topics relevant to us:  Climate Action, Waste and Pollution, and Circular Economy.

Our Environmental Policy describes our approach to managing these impacts, which includes identifying key issues, setting specific actions and targets, implementing improvement measures, and tracking and reporting progress.

This Environmental Policy applies to all entities of Landbell Group and our activities globally. Affiliates in which we have minority shareholding are encouraged to implement it voluntarily.

The policy is subject to regular review and updates to reflect our progress as well as to accommodate any regulatory and strategic priorities.

You can learn more about our sustainability journey here.