A two day conference to recycle textiles and bring all stakeholders together

2 July 2024

In June, Siddharth Bagri, Paul Doertenbach and Jürgen Fuchs from Landbell Group took part in a conference, which was organised by the German Textile Recycling Association.

To build a sustainable future for textiles, EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) and advanced recycling are extremely important.

EPR incentivises producers to manufacture more sustainable products and take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their products (especially after they become waste).

To enable fibre-to-fibre recycling from textile waste, we need advanced recycling solutions.

Some of the most important question(s) were discussed at the conference:

How will EPR be implemented across the EU and why is clarity on regulations so crucial?

How can we ensure blended textiles, and the impurities in post-consumer textile waste is factored in when making policies and across the recycling chain?

We are engaging in these discussions with partners and stakeholders – and to finding the best answers to the global problem of textile waste.

At a more local level, our colleagues at ERP Netherlands already have solutions in place (the Netherlands introduced EPR for textiles in July 2023).

In May, they introduced a new Click & Comply online store.

If you need quick support for PRO membership, registration and reporting, and an authorised representative, just visit their page!

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This is from a LinkedIn post by Jan Patrick Schulz, Landbell Group’s CEO. Check out all his posts here.