US state advances battery stewardship legislation

2 July 2024

The Illinois Compiled Statutes already had some regulations on batteries disposal and recycling. Illinois is now enhancing the existing obligation for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to take back used lead-acid batteries as it advances portable batteries stewardship legislation.

Senate Bill 3686, which passed both houses of the State´s General Assembly on 24 May 2024, and is now awaiting the Governor´s signature to take effect, shall require that a producer of portable batteries or battery-containing products implements and participates in a battery stewardship plan from January 2026.

Approved stewardship plans shall provide for convenient collection and treatment of covered batteries, and for public awareness and consumer education about proper battery disposal and recycling. Producers shall also report annually to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency on the implementation of their stewardship plan.

Similarly, House Bill 5348 promotes extended producer responsibility through participation in and appropriate funding of a battery stewardship organisation. Both bills target a recycling efficiency rate of at least 60% for rechargeable batteries and 70% for primary batteries.

The enactment of this legislation will constitute a comprehensive framework for the improved and environmentally responsible collection, transport, recycling and disposal of small-to-medium-sized portable batteries in the State of Illinois.

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