Huge increase in lithium batteries: how we help companies to manage takeback

2 July 2024

As the demand for lithium batteries skyrockets in markets worldwide, ensuring their safe disposal becomes paramount. The European Commission forecasts a staggering 1,400% increase in demand for refined lithium from 2020 to 2030.

Against this backdrop, H2 Compliance’s Circular Economy Engineering Team has introduced a complete solution for managing end-of-life lithium batteries. Find out more about the team’s work here.

Drawing on its extensive expertise in managing e-waste, the team recognised the growing urgency for safe battery management, which is crucial for mitigating risks of accidents and environmental pollution. It also maximises the recovery of precious resources and ensures regulatory compliance. EU regulations were updated last year and will introduce new obligations in the coming years.

This new solution gives customers a single point of contact for a wide array of services – from packaging and collection to proper disposal and operational reporting – which is tailored to any battery chemistry and type, portable and industrial.

It also provides additional services to ensure global regulatory compliance throughout the end-of-life battery management process.

For more information, please contact H2 Compliance here.