Federal single-use plastics legislation in force

6 March 2024

Last September marked a pivotal moment for Landbell Group’s regulatory tracking services. In addition to coverage of extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation for batteries and accumulators, electrical and electronic equipment, and packaging, the team expanded its portfolio to include comprehensive tracking of single-use plastics legislation across Europe and Africa.

Since then, the Group’s team of regulatory experts has identified and input relevant legislation on single-use plastic beverage containers, cups, and bags across all Canadian provinces.

Already established at federal level, the Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations (SUPPR) officially prohibit the manufacture, import, and sale of these single-use plastic products, therefore, the provinces should follow and adapt their local regulations to the federal law.

Most Canadian provinces have legislation covering plastic bags already in place, with many also implementing regulations covering beverage containers and cups.

Companies currently doing business in Canada, or considering expansion into this market, can now access this valuable information in the Knowledge Database. Find out more information here.

Stay tuned for updates as the team continues to expand its coverage to provide customers with the latest insights on this topic across other regions.