Two non-EU countries implement requirements from SUP Directive

2 July 2024


In September 2023, Kosovo adopted the Administrative Instruction on Management of Waste Packaging 07/2023, which abolished the previous legislation on packaging.

In addition to regulating extended producer responsibility (EPR) for general packaging and giving the producer choice between individual and collective compliance solutions, the Instruction tackled certain single-use products, such as plastic bags and beverage containers.

Starting from 1 January 2025, a deposit return system (DRS) for reusable and recyclable beverage packaging will also operate in Kosovo.


On 20 April 2024, Montenegro replaced its previous waste management legislation with the Law on Waste Management 34/2024.

The Law lays down requirements for EPR schemes that are mostly in line with the Waste Framework Directive, and introduces several obligations that are closely in accordance with the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive.

The new Law also gives the possibility to establish a deposit system for the collection, processing and recycling of waste packaging to one company or multiple companies managing an organised system together.

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