Next webinar tackles the topic of textiles

7 February 2024

The European Commission is proposing to establish a mandatory and standardised extended producer responsibility (EPR) framework for textiles across all EU Member States, following the existing obligations for batteries, packaging and WEEE.

Through the revision of the Waste Framework Directive, the Commission is proposing to extend EPR coverage to textiles.

The new legal document shifts the financing of the separate collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of used textiles to producers, and the proposed EU-wide EPR guidelines aim to streamline implementation for Member States.

Effective from 2025, Member States are urged to start enforcing the obligation to separately collect textiles waste.

Several countries, including France, Greece, and the Netherlands, and those with drafted rules such as Sweden, Italy and Belgium, have already incorporated or are aiming to incorporate EPR regulations for textiles into their legislation. This reflects a growing global commitment to adopt sustainable waste management practices.

To help producers with the new legislation, Landbell Group also gathers regulatory information on textiles EPR in EU Member States in its Knowledge Database. Find out more about the Knowledge Database here.

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