New waste management law goes live

6 September 2023

On 9th July, Law on Waste Management No. 2320-IX, which was published last year, entered into force in Ukraine.

This waste management framework law establishes principles and targets for state policy in the field of waste management, waste management hierarchy, general requirements for collection, transportation and treatment of waste, as well as penalties in case of non-compliance.

Article 10 of the Law also introduces extended producer responsibility (EPR) for certain waste streams, including packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, decommissioned vehicles, lubricants (oils), tyres and textiles.

The Law defines two possible options for compliance with EPR: collective and individual via setting up a collective or individual compliance scheme accordingly. The Law also establishes collection and waste management obligations, financial and information responsibilities, as well as certain product design requirements.

Please note that the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources had already proposed draft EPR legislation for packaging – which currently can be consulted on the Ministry’s website – in April this year.

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