New deposit return scheme from 2025

6 December 2023

The legislative landscape governing the deposit return system (DRS) in Poland is outlined in the Act of July 13, 2023, which amends the Act on packaging and packaging waste management and certain other acts.

This legislative update incorporates the provisions of the EU Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive.

Key features of the DRS in Poland include:

  1. The system encompasses plastic bottles for beverages up to 3L, reusable glass bottles for beverages up to 1.5L, and metal containers up to 1L for all drinks. Disposable glass containers remain exempt from the system.
  2. The deposit is capped at a maximum of PLN 2 per package (EUR 0.46).
  3. All stores, irrespective of size, are mandated to collect the deposit. Larger stores exceeding 200 m2 must ensure the collection of deposit-bearing packaging. Smaller stores may participate in collection voluntarily. Municipalities are permitted to participate in the collection of packaging from the DRS provided they have a formal agreement with system operators.
  4. The DRS Operator may be a joint-stock company based in Poland, representing those entities who introduce products in beverage packaging. Several deposit return systems may operate at the same time. The Act allows for the operation of multiple operators.
  5. Entrepreneurs failing to adhere to the deposit system or achieve specified collection levels will be subject to a “product fee” of PLN 25 per kilogram (EUR 5.71).

The implementation of the DRS is scheduled to commence in January 2025, marking a significant milestone in Poland’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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