Is your company affected by the recent changes?

4 October 2023

In Chile, extended producer responsibility (EPR) for various priority products, including packaging and containers, has been implemented by the Framework for Waste Management, Extended Producer Responsibility and Promotion of Recycling, Law 20.920 of 2016.

In 2021, the Supreme Decree No. 12 on Collection and Recovery Targets and Associated Obligations for Packaging was enacted to provide the regulatory framework for the Chilean packaging EPR system.

According to this regulation, EPR applies to those companies who place consumer goods that are packaged or packaged with cardboard for liquids, metal, paper and cardboard, plastic or glass on the domestic market.

Producers subject to extended responsibility must comply with several obligations, such as:

  • registration in the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register System (RETC in Spanish)
  • organizing and financing (individually or collectively) the collection of packaging waste throughout the territory
  • storing, transporting and treating packaging waste, and
  • complying with targets for the collection and recovery of packaging waste

These targets – enforceable from 16th September 2023 – are established on a progressive scale that varies depending on the subcategories by packaging material and their household and non-household nature.

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