September brings new ERP legislation for packaging

3 November 2023

On 27 September 2023, as part of its plan to implement an extended producer responsibility (EPR) system for packaging by 2025, the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) enacted two pieces of legislation:

  • the Extended Producer Responsibility Hazardous and Special Products Bylaws, and
  • the Extended Producer Responsibility Single‑use Products, Packaging and Paper Products Bylaws

Hazardous and Special Products

Schedule A of the hazardous and special products (HSP) legislation establishes the material types that fall under the scope of EPR. The list includes the following items:

  • Batteries (single-use and rechargeable)
  • Pesticides and pesticide product containers
  • Toxic products and toxic product containers
  • Flammable products and flammable product containers, and
  • Corrosive products and corrosive product containers

Single‑use Products, Packaging and Paper Products

The single‑use products, packaging and paper products (PPP) bylaws provide new details about the 11 exempted items, which range from products used for containment of waste or compost to packaging intended to be reused or refilled for at least five years.

The products in scope are already listed in the general EPR legislation for packaging in Alberta.

In addition, both above legal instruments outline the rules and regulations for EPR registration, reporting, auditing, promotion, dispute resolution, exemption thresholds and compliance matters for producers, producer responsibility organisations, and communities (corporations controlled by a municipality or a regional services commission).

H2 Compliance North America

Landbell Group company, H2 Compliance North America is planning to operate a producer responsibility organisation (PRO) for PPP in Alberta.

It already runs a PRO for packaging, ITT/AV electronic equipment and batteries in Ontario.

Please contact the H2 Compliance team for advice and support in Canada.

Alberta is also one of the jurisdictions covered by Landbell Group’s regulatory tracking service. Find out more about the service here.