KDB now covers textile regulations

6 December 2023

Landbell Group’s Market Intelligence & Governmental Affairs (MIGA) team has extended its regulatory tracking portfolio to encompass textiles in EU Member States.

This initiative aligns with ongoing developments in the regulatory landscape, particularly in response to the European Commission’s proposal to amend the Waste Framework Directive.

The proposal, currently under consideration by the European Parliament and Council, seeks to shift the responsibility for the entire lifecycle of textiles onto producers.

Furthermore, it introduces mandatory, harmonised extended producer responsibility (EPR) for textiles across all EU Member States.

In anticipation of these forthcoming changes, the MIGA team has diligently examined the legal landscape pertaining to EPR for textiles in EU Member States.

All the comprehensive information gathered during this process is now available in its Knowledge Database (KDB).

This strategic move towards a more inclusive approach to textiles reflects the evolving dynamics within the fashion industry. Given its rapid development, waste generated by the industry holds a significant market share, demanding correct management.

It is noteworthy that, despite the absence of formalised EU legislation, several member states have proactively initiated their own EPR regulations for textiles.

Examples include France, which has implemented a comprehensive EPR scope, encompassing producer definition, registration, reporting, recycling levels, eco-modulation rules, and marking requirements such as the Triman logo.

Similarly, Greece has introduced specific elements of EPR, focusing on registration and reporting, and the Netherlands has introduced financial and reporting obligations.

Moreover, other countries such as Denmark and Bulgaria, are in the process of drafting laws to regulate textiles within their local markets.

For support navigating the evolving regulatory landscape for textiles in the EU Member States, find out more about the KDB here.