Three European R&D projects to close the loop

6 March 2024

Landbell Group company, ERP Italia Servizi specialises in managing all types of waste and providing customers with complex collection and recycling solutions for streams such as PV panels and textiles.

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The company’s work is supported by its own research & development (R&D) team.

Since the start of the year, ERP Italia Servizi is engaged in three significant, European Union funded projects to improve battery recycling.

Here is an overview of the three projects:


ERP Italia Servizi is coordinating this 36-month project, which involves 14 partners from six EU member states.

The aim of the project is to develop safe and high value-added recycling technologies for the disassembly, sorting and reuse of batteries and devices with embedded batteries.


ERP Italia Servizi is one of the main supporters of this 30-month project, which involves 16 partners.

The aim of the project is to create “the first tangible European circular battery valley” by providing secure and digitised solutions for the closed-loop transport, tracking, dismantling, reuse, recycling and remanufacturing of batteries.


This 36-month project involves 14 partners and aims to develop new recycling technologies that can be extended to lithium iron phosphate batteries and post-lithium batteries, such as sodium-ion and solid-state batteries.

The overall aim is to promote a closed-loop approach that can reduce battery waste to landfill.

ERP Italia Servizi invests in R&D to boost the circular economy and improve the solutions that it offers customers.

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