ERP Ireland launches 2024 batteries recycling campaign

6 March 2024

On 19 February, Landbell Group company, ERP Ireland asked schools to register and take part in the Batteries for Barretstown Schools Challenge for 2024.

Since it was launched in 2017, the Batteries for Barretstown campaign has recycled over 136 million AA batteries– that’s enough batteries to cover the distance from the Earth to the Moon and back five times!

To support the campaign, ERP Ireland has also created free educational online resources for teachers to inform young recyclers on why, how and where to recycle used batteries and what happens to batteries after they are recycled.

Almost 50% of batteries sold in Ireland end up in landfill because they have been thrown out in domestic waste, which means that their valuable materials are lost forever.

When batteries are disposed of incorrectly their corrosive materials can be harmful to the environment. Most types of batteries contain metals such as nickel and mercury, and these materials can be reused.

James Burgess, country general manager of ERP Ireland and proud Barretstown supporter, said:

“Batteries for Barretstown was created to educate Ireland on the importance of battery recycling, increase the number of batteries recycled and raise much-needed funds for the children’s charity.

Now in its seventh year, our partnership continues to go from strength to strength and we ask that schools get behind us once again and take on the Challenge to Help Power Positivity.”

Barretstown was founded by Hollywood actor, Paul Newman, in 1994, and was modelled on his renowned Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut, USA.

Barretstown supports children affected by cancer and other serious illnesses, as well as their families.

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