Landbell acquires a stake in Source One

4 April 2023

Source One is an operational consulting company in environmental, resource and sustainability issues that has already been successfully implementing circular economy solutions, waste management and recycling projects for brand manufacturers, producers, retailers, municipalities, governments, and consumers in more than 20 countries since 2019. The concrete aim of the cooperation is to drive forward the closed-loop recycling of post-consumer packaging.

Landbell Group and Source One are specifically deepening their existing partnership at pre-defined points of intersection. For both companies, the acquisition is a logical consequence of the trusting cooperation to date and paves the way for innovative projects. The focus of the joint activities is on using innovative technologies to recycle post-consumer waste that is difficult to recycle and to expand the global infrastructure for this purpose. In this way, the two companies are responding to the steadily increasing demand for high-quality recyclates and addressing customers’ individual needs.

“In Source One, we have a dynamic and creative partner whose wealth of innovation excites us,” says Uwe Echteler, COO and Member of the Executive Board of Landbell Group, who will now also be active as managing director of Source One. “Together, we can serve the markets flexibly and securely with circular economy solutions.”

Kai Hoyer, Owner and Managing Director of Source One GmbH, also expects sustainable positive effects from the cooperation: “Our common core concern is the conservation of resources. Landbell Group is therefore the perfect partner for us to create further synergies for the circular economy. We will jointly close and optimise product cycles.”

Find out more about Source One here.