The application phase for the Green Alley Award gets underway

24 August 2022

Next week, the application phase starts for the Green Alley Award 2023.  

From 12th September until 21st November, European circular economy startups will have the chance to enter the competition.  

The award ceremony takes place in Berlin, on 27th April 2023, where the winner will receive a cash prize of 25,000 euros. 

Why is Landbell Group so excited about startups? And why should you be? 

As a leading provider of services and consulting for chemical and environmental compliance, the Green Alley Award acknowledges young companies that come up with great circular economy solutions. 

Landbell Group benefits from its proximity to this innovative environment, as do other companies and customers. 

By cooperating with startups offering groundbreaking new approaches, established businesses can gain exclusive insights into the latest trends and foster innovation in their industry.  

They can also benefit from a vast range of sustainable solutions to transform their own business strategies, grow their market position, and create a decisive competitive edge. 

Who can apply? 

The Green Alley Award is looking for startups that:  

  • are based in Europe  
  • provide either a recycling, waste prevention, or digital solution, and  
  • cannot be older than 5 years 

Update from the team: a new jury constellation 

Besides David Oudsandji, co-founder of this year’s winner, Voltfang, Katrin-Cécile Ziegler, the environmental economist, digital expert and keynote speaker will also be part of the jury and support us with her expertise.  

Moreover, in 2022, we really enjoyed having traceless material’s co-founder Anne Lamp in the jury and therefore asked her whether she wanted to be there next year, too. Luckily, she said yes!  

As you see, a lot is happening, so stay tuned for the Green Alley Award 2023 and please share our call for applications with promising startups in your network!  

For more information, contact the Green Alley Award team or check out our website or LinkedIn profile.