ERP Poland shows how to wear recycled electronic devices

4 October 2022

On 5th September, in Warsaw, Landbell Group company, ERP Poland held the grand finale of the third edition of their annual event, “Moda na Recykling” (“Fashion for Recycling”).

Moda na Recykling was initiated by ERP Poland three years ago. The idea evolved from a programme promoting recycling introduced by ERP at Polish schools.

“Educating young people has always been our priority,” said Mikołaj Józefowicz, head of ERP Poland. “Thanks to a fruitful cooperation with the engaged and enthusiastic fashion designer, Anna Kubisz, as well as with local authorities, we have managed to build a valuable and yet very appealing event that attracts the attention of celebrities and the press.”

Moda na Recykling consists of a series of workshops for teenagers organised in various cities in Poland. The participants, guided by Anna Kubisz, who is an ambassador for the initiative, create outfits made of recycled materials. Their designs are then exhibited by celebrities on the catwalk during the final ceremony. The models also talk to the audience about the importance of proper recycling.

The very creative outfits (for more pictures go to ERP Poland’s Instagram account) are pret-a-porter, even though they are made from SIM cards, remote controls, keyboards, screen foil, CDs, and other parts from end-of-life devices that the participants choose in a recycling plant.

But the main aim of the initiative is to raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

“One of our main goals is education,” underlined Paweł Palus, operations manager at ERP Poland. “Recycling is our future, especially now that we’re facing an energy crisis, since our cities are a true mine of precious raw materials.”