New solution developed by ERP Italia Servizi’s R&D team

8 March 2023

Landbell Group company, ERP Italia Servizi is an authorised waste management business, which specialises in the collection and treatment of photovoltaic (PV) modules.

Thanks to the work of its R&D team, the company now offers customers a solution for PV panel recycling.

In February, ERP Italia Servizi organised a visit to the Feragame Srl treatment plant. Feragame Srl is one of the main companies involved in the industrial recycling of PV panels in Italy.

Andrea Bizzi and Cristian Gullino from ERP Italia Servizi’s R&D team were on hand to explain to the invited guests how the new PV panel recycling solution works: starting with the entry of the panels in the plant, up to the recovery of their materials which can then be reused and recycled as a secondary raw material.

The event was also attended by Grant Kinsman, Landbell Group’s COO for Europe and North America.

ERP Italia Servizi believes it is essential to organise study days like this to show stakeholders how its recycling solutions work.

For more information, please visit the ERP Italia Servizi website.