Landbell Group joins forces with Product Stewardship Institute

24 August 2022

On 14th September, Martin Tobin, CEO of Landbell Group company, ERP Ireland, will take part in a webinar, “Powering up for Battery EPR”. 

The webinar, which is organised by the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), will discuss the increased use of batteries, particularly in e-mobility.  

Martin and a panel of fellow experts will discuss how extended producer responsibility (EPR) for batteries provides an effective solution to preventing fires and environmental contamination, recovering valuable critical minerals, reducing greenhouse gases, and creating recycling jobs.  

The other experts include representatives from the District of Columbia’s Department of Energy & Environment, the British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, and the PSI’s Director for Policy & Programs. 

The PSI is an organisation that brings together hundreds of government members and partners – including businesses, NGOs, and academics – to research and promote producer responsibility laws and voluntary programs. Its aim is to solve recycling and waste management issues to create a circular economy. 

Martin will draw on his experience and expertise to examine current practices and proposed revisions to the European Union Battery Directive and emerging policy innovations based on cutting-edge best practice. 

Register for the webinar here.