ERP Poland’s yearly recycling event bears fruit

8 February 2023

European Recycling Platform (ERP) in Poland has once again organised the long-standing environmental activity “Recycling Bears Fruit” together with eco-educator, Dominik Dobrowolski.

“Recycling Bears Fruit” is a campaign that spreads knowledge about the proper handling of e-waste and batteries, shows how to sort this waste, and explains where it can be disposed of properly for recycling. By involving children and young people, the campaign also wants to reach adults – through their parents and families. Thanks to this approach, the whole family can contribute to the environment, a clean planet, and a better quality of life.

The initiative is based on organising collection of WEEE and batteries, mostly in schools. In exchange for the items brought, the participants receive delicious and healthy seasonal fruit.

A lot of e-waste and batteries were collected in this edition of “Recycling Bears Fruit”, which meant a lot of fruit for the children. Everybody benefited, including the environment! And the children and adults certainly know a lot more about the proper handling of electronic waste.

ERP Poland’s next campaign, again in collaboration with Dominik, will be eco-Valentine’s Day with the theme “Batteries love recycling”.

Find out more about ERP Poland here.