Regulations, resources and recycling: the key themes of Landbell Group’s Annual Performance Review for 2022

10 May 2023

“Last year showed us, yet again, that it’s time to change. The economic and environmental necessities are merging, and regulations, resources and recycling are driving this shift.”

With these words, CEO Jan Patrick Schulz introduces Landbell Group’s annual performance review, which was published in April.

“This report covers more ground than previous editions because demand for recycling and extended producer responsibility (EPR) surged again last year,” Jan Patrick explains.

“Worldwide, we are facing economic factors like deglobalisation, more protectionist policies, decarbonisation, and an aging population with more focus on sustainability. This leads to the following trends for our industry:

Most industrialised nations will have to invest heavily to stop waste and pollution, often by making the producer responsible. Decarbonisation will require electrification on an enormous scale (mostly through clean energy) and vast amounts of raw materials.

Recycling will therefore be crucial to produce enough secondary raw materials, help countries become more independent from raw material imports, and fulfil increasingly broad and complex regulations – ranging from EPR to environmental, social and governance (ESG).

To increase recycling, new technologies will be essential. They will also help producers to fulfil these additional obligations and grasp the opportunities of the circular economy.”

The report explains how Landbell Group took more steps than ever to respond to these regulatory, resource and recycling challenges in 2022.

Read the full report here.