New joint venture will help to develop a modern recycling infrastructure

1 February 2022


India’s Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 introduced the concept of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging waste, which obliges brand owners to fund, collect, separate and treat plastic waste.


The most recent amendment to the rule also mandates reuse, refill and the use of recycled content in a phased manner for brand owners.


To support brands in India, Landbell Group has announced a joint venture with GreenForest Solutions – a sister company of BlackForest Solutions, one of Europe’s fastest-growing waste management consultancy firms.


The new entity – Landbell GreenForest Solutions (GFS) – is a producer responsibility organization (PRO) which offers best-in-class EPR services for plastic packaging waste to brands in India.


In addition, Landbell GFS offers recyclability services to brands to help them move to fully recyclable packaging, plus advisory services to city and state governments to improve plastic waste management and EPR compliance within their jurisdiction.


Commenting on the announcement, Christophe Pautrat, Landbell Group’s Head of Global Partnerships, said:


“The new plastic waste EPR regulations are a game changer for producers, with new obligations and ambitious targets. With our proven track record and innovative solutions, we are thrilled to start our operations in India at the perfect time to guide all producers on their journey towards zero waste.”


Sebastian Frisch, Partner, GreenForest Solutions, explained:


“India is leading the current EPR implementation in Asia. We are proud that our PRO can play a role to develop a modern recycling infrastructure in India that also attracts investors, as envisioned by the Indian government when imposing an EPR regulation for the country.”


Saurabh Shah, Managing Director, Landbell GFS, added:


“Having been associated with the waste management industry in India for over a decade, I have seen India make strides in the right direction. With a combination of fresh laws and a strong intent, this is clearly going to be an exciting journey. Brands are eagerly looking for professional services to help them meet their targets for reuse, recycling and use of recycled content as a part of overall EPR strategy.”


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