Startup insights from Elena Ferreo

3 November 2023

In a recent interview with founder and CEO of Atelier Riforma, and a Green Alley Award finalist in 2022, Elena Ferreo shared valuable insights into her experience as an entrepreneur and the rise of female founders.

Elena offered a unique perspective on female entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. Her journey in the circular economy startup landscape showcases both her personal growth and the role of diversity and opportunity in the sector.

When asked about the benefits of participating in events such as the Green Alley Award, Elena replied:

“I believe that events like the Green Alley Award are of great help because they have a strong sensitivity toward these issues and contribute to providing visibility, credibility, and support to circular startups led by women.”

Participation in the Green Alley Award also marked an important moment for Atelier Riforma, yielding invaluable benefits such as the establishment of significant connections with investors (see article here) and other circular economy startups.

Furthermore, the award served as a dynamic platform for Elena to sharpen her skills, both as a business leader and a global communicator.

In discussions about the increasing presence of female entrepreneurs in the circular economy, Elena believes:

“Initiatives like the Green Alley Award play an important role in bridging the gap between male and female founders”.

According to her, such initiatives offer essential support for female entrepreneurs to not just succeed but thrive in this transformative sector.

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