The teams at European Recycling Platform (ERP) and Landbell in Germany present the latest news.

Rule change for EEE producers without a registered office in Germany

8 February 2023

Foreign producers without a registered office in Germany now need an authorised representative to take over their legal obligations under the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Law (ElektroG).

From 1 January 2023, the authorised representatives must be able to present an authorisation from Germany’s WEEE Register if they have more than 20 effective registrations.

Currently, only a handful of representatives have this authorisation, including Landbell Group companies Landbell Deutschland and European Recycling Platform. You can find more information about their services here.


Schemes launch battery takeback campaign

The takeback schemes for waste portable batteries in Germany have launched a new campaign to increase the collection rate and enable even more waste batteries to be properly recycled.

On the campaign website, the schemes inform consumers about the disposal of waste portable batteries, the purpose of separate collection, the takeback schemes involved, and the collection points. Currently, only about half of all portable batteries are returned after use.

The campaign is a requirement of the country’s Battery Law, and Landbell Group’s takeback schemes Landbell Deutschland and Landbell DS Entsorgung are involved.