What are the most recent regulatory changes in the US and Canada?

4 April 2023

Colorado and California

Following Maine and Oregon, Colorado and California have also passed packaging EPR bills. Both bills oblige packaging producers to establish a producer responsibility organisation (PRO), which will be responsible for compliance with the legislation, and which will be financed by the participating producers. An individual solution for producers is also allowed under certain conditions.

New York State

The first right-to-repair legislation in the US was passed in New York State and will start to apply as of 1 July 2023. The new legislation requires original equipment manufacturers to make diagnostic and repair information for digital electronic parts and equipment available to independent repair providers and consumers.


Another effort to promote a circular economy in the US came from the State of Maine where the Act providing for increased post-consumer recycled plastic content in plastic beverage containers was approved in May 2022.


The Canadian Province of Alberta has established two EPR programmes: for single-use products, packaging, and printed paper; and hazardous and special products. According to the legislation, producers will be required to provide verification of collection and management plans to the Alberta Recycling Management Authority by 1 April 2024. EPR systems for the programmes will be operational by 1 April 2025.


The Province of Ontario has clarified the process for creating the province-wide system for collecting Blue Box materials (paper, glass, plastic, and aluminium) that will be operated by PROs on behalf of producers. The Blue Box Program Plan will transition to the new regulatory framework for resource recovery starting on 1 July 2023 through to 31 December 2025.


In January 2022, an agreement establishing the regulatory framework for a deposit system for beer containers was signed in Quebec. In June 2022, the existing provincial EPR legislation was amended by an act introducing new products (agricultural products and pressurised fuel containers), and measures such as new calculation methods.

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