Update on implementation of sustainability index

7 May 2024

In October last year (read article here), we highlighted the forthcoming introduction of the sustainability index for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), replacing the repairability index in France.

As of early April, the Official Journal has published four of the five proposed drafts.

This newly adopted legislation delineates the general criteria and calculation parameters used to establish the index.

It also outlines the general framework of obligations for its communication and display, as well as the methods for displaying and indicating the sustainability index.

Furthermore, it establishes specific rating systems for household washing machines and televisions.

Legislation for televisions will come into effect in January 2025, whereas legislation for household washing machines is set to be enforced a year after its publication in April 2025.

Initially, there was an additional draft aimed at extending the application of the index to smartphones. However, to date, this draft has not been published.