Companies have 18 months to prepare for new packaging law

6 April 2022

On 16th March 2021, Supreme Decree No. 12 on Collection and Recovery Targets and Associated Obligations for Packaging – in the context of Law 20.920 on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) – became effective in Chile. This decree will be enforceable from 16th September 2023 – so companies have 18 months to get ready for the change. According to this regulation, EPR shall apply to those companies that place on the Chilean domestic market consumer goods that are packaged in or whose packaging is composed of at least one of the five materials indicated in Article 5 of the same regulation: cardboard for liquids metal paper and cardboard plastic, and glass Producers subject to EPR for packaging must comply with various obligations, including: registration in the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register System (RETC in Spanish) organizing and financing (individually or collectively) the collection of packaging waste throughout the Chilean territory, and compliance with specific collection and recovery targets for packaging waste The targets for household and non-household packaging waste are established on a progressive scale, which varies depending on the subcategories of the packaging material. Chile is one of the countries covered by Landbell Group’s regulatory tracking service. Find out more about the service here.