How our Knowledge Database can help your company stay on track

1 March 2022


After last year’s successful launch of the Knowledge Database (KDB) – an online legal database which contains regulatory requirements for WEEE, batteries and packaging – we are happy to announce that the KDB has added another region of the globe to its portfolio.


Alongside Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean, the KDB now offers the most recent and detailed legal information on extended producer responsibility (EPR) for WEEE, batteries and packaging in North America.


This means that the KDB now covers more than 190 jurisdictions throughout the world, which makes it a truly global service.


The introduction of EPR legislation in many Canadian provinces and in the USA will continue to be a hot topic this year. Several states have already made efforts to launch EPR for packaging this year – following Oregon and Maine which introduced EPR legislation for packaging last year.


If your company wants to stay on track of recent legal changes, not only in North America but also globally, why not subscribe to the Knowledge Database?


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