Why am I showing you a photo of a cork?

Cork is a natural, resilient, versatile material. It thrives on sustainable management and careful cultivation.

Cork oaks are found throughout southwest Europe and northwest Africa. They live up to 200 years and a cork will do its job for 50 years, which is handy – if you can keep your wine that long!

A harvested tree stores up to five times more carbon than an unharvested tree (each year, cork oak forests account for 10 million tons of CO² absorption).

Why is this cork engraved with “LB Academy 23”?

In July, I was delighted to attend the graduation ceremony for the Landbell (LB) Academy class of 2023 at our offices in Mainz.

The Landbell Academy brings together employees from different countries and backgrounds – not just the Mediterranean, although we did have Portuguese and Italian colleagues present.

The Landbell Academy is a talent development programme, which ran this year from February to July, giving 16 colleagues the chance to develop their leadership skills and tools, promoting the sustainable growth of our Group.

I am sure these colleagues and their fellow alumni from the class of 2022 (who went to the excellent Planet Cork Museum and had this cork engraved during their first session in Porto) will use their newly acquired skills to drive forward our mission to eliminate pollution and waste and protect our environment.

I am already looking forward to meeting next year’s vintage!

This is from a LinkedIn post by Jan Patrick Schulz, Landbell Group’s CEO. Check out all his posts here.