The pioneering spirit is something that drives us to achieve the before unachievable.

We were pioneers when we broke the packaging monopoly in Germany and, once again, we are front-runners by partnering up with SABIC and Mars in a closed-loop recycling project for flexible food packaging.

In the coming weeks, Mars will use recycled packaging material collected by Landbell Group and processed by SABIC into certified polypropylene (PP) in the packaging of its snack bar brand, KIND®.

We’ve been working, researching and experimenting on this project for more than two years now and finally we can demonstrate that it is possible to close the loop for plastic food packaging.

Critical voices claim that chemical recycling is polluting, energy intensive, and cannot be seen as a viable solution to solve the plastic problem. Our goal is simply to find the most sustainable solution for our customers. We are researching in all directions. There is no either/or, no black or white, no good vs. bad. For us, chemical recycling is a problem-solving technology for mixed plastic waste and a useful addition to mechanical recycling when it comes to its limits.

We will further explore this promising recycling technology to deliver high-quality recyclates for sensitive applications, especially for the use of recycled content in highly regulated applications such as food contact packaging.

This is from a LinkedIn post by Jan Patrick Schulz, Landbell Group’s CEO. Check out all his posts here.