Textile is going global, and one size doesn’t fit all…

The list of places with newly introduced obligations for textile producers, in Europe and the US, is growing longer and longer.

Our colleagues at ERP Netherlands and Consorzio ERP Italia Tessile are already supporting customers with the new obligations and challenges I mentioned in a recent post.

And this is even before the Waste Framework Directive looks set to introduce EPR for textiles in all EU member states.

Now governments worldwide, including those of India and Kenya, are exploring similar legislative measures alongside the EU.

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) can be a smart tool for tackling pollution, but it works best when adapted to the local conditions, policy framework and infrastructure.

So, it seems unlikely that a unified approach will be adopted, presenting textile producers with a complex array of regulatory challenges across different markets.

If you are facing these global challenges, why not contact our colleagues H2 Compliance – global chemical, environmental compliance & software solutions?

Their CGlobal service (‘C’ stands for Compliance, in case you wondered…) can help you navigate the complexities.

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This is from a LinkedIn post by Jan Patrick Schulz, Landbell Group’s CEO. Check out all his posts here.