We need to talk about vapes…

4 June 2024

Last year, our colleagues at ERP Ireland conducted national research which revealed that up to ten percent of the Irish population could be active users of vapes and e-cigarettes.

The research also indicates that two-thirds of these vapers are throwing the vapes away, instead of recycling them. And that exacerbates the already serious problem of e-waste pollution and poses a health and safety hazard: two very good reasons for ERP Ireland to act.

From commissioning research, through to running digital campaigns, and raising the issue at popular events, the team encouraged vapers to do the right thing.

Most importantly, they offered them a free and convenient way of recycling their spent vapes safely.

This campaign – which is led by Martin Tobin and Yvonne Holmes – is now in the running to win Best Public Information Campaign at the PRCA Awards, alongside two campaigns to reduce skin cancer and improve mental health.

Find more information in this link.

I’ve also added a video link to Martin calling on vapers to change their ways!
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This is from a LinkedIn post by Jan Patrick Schulz, Landbell Group’s CEO. Check out all his posts here.