We can literally feel it these days, climate change is a burning issue. According to climate experts, heatwaves like this could become the new normal if we do not radically cut 30 gigatonnes greenhouse gas emissions annually by 2030.

So how do we get there?

As simple as it sounds, all key economic sectors identified by the IPCC for their potential to reduce emissions must contribute their share. One of them is the waste management sector…

In Germany, the waste management sector is obliged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 9 million tonnes CO2 in 2020 to 4 million tonnes in 2030. Since the sector is working towards a circular economy as a central element of climate protection, this should be an easy task, shouldn’t it?

Contemporary waste management must be oriented towards closing loops and supplying the economy with secondary raw materials. Still the sector is struggling to reach its targets.

Why? This was analysed last year in a study by scientists from TU Darmstadt. Find out more below…

This is from a LinkedIn post by Jan Patrick Schulz, Landbell Group’s CEO. Check out all his posts here.