Novo Verde launches innovative packaging project

5 June 2023

Landbell Group partner, Novo Verde has launched the “Business with More Value” (Negócios com mais valor) project as part of its research & development activities.

The Portuguese packaging compliance scheme is working on this innovative project with the wholesaler, Recheio Cash and Carry – and the project is dedicated to its customers who are mainly cafes and restaurants.

The idea is to promote the separation of waste packaging in this specific sector, which serves many end consumers.

Based on the quantities of packaging delivered the project will evaluate the sector’s response and determine whether the incentive amount is enough to trigger behavioural change.

Focusing on plastic and metal packaging, the project uses a container with special characteristics, which weighs each customer’s waste packaging and converts into a reward.

For each kilogram of packaging deposited at this equipment, Recheio Cash and Carry customers will receive a 0.35€ discount on their customer card, which is required to take part in the scheme.

For now, the pilot project, which started on 3rd May, is available at a single Recheio Cash and Carry store.

The teams from Novo Verde and Recheio Cash and Carry are hoping that it will lead to another important step towards the circular economy.

For more information, please visit the Novo Verde website.